Bus Diverions & Roadworks

Date/Time From:

20th July 2020

Date/Time To:

Further Notice

Operators Affected:

Stagecoach in Newcastle

Route(s) Affected:

1, 30, 31, 36, 100, X24/X24A and X34


From Monday 20th July 2020, so as to assist with social distancing guidelines in Newcastle City Centre, there will be some temporary bus stop changes in Pilgrim Street and New Bridge Street.

These changes are necessary to ensure there is adequate queuing area for public transport customers, whilst also ensuring the requirement to maintain social distancing is met.

The bus stop changes will be as follows:

Services 1 and 30, 31 (towards Whickham View, Benwell and Slatyford): these buses will move to the top bus stop on Pilgrim Street, outside “Stack”.  

Service 36 (towards Fenham): these buses will no longer stop on New Bridge Street west, and the bus stop will be withdrawn. Service 36 buses will instead observe a temporary bus stop on John Dobson Street, outside Laing Art Galley (opposite library). Buses will observe this new bus stop at the times shown for New Bridge Street west.

Service 100 (towards Metrocentre): these buses will no longer stop on Pilgrim Street. Customers are requested to use alternative stops on Blackett Street or at Central Station.

Service X24, X24A, X34 (towards Sunderland and South Tyneside): these buses will be revised to stop on the opposite side of Pilgrim Street, at the first northbound stop, outside Virgin Money.

Service 12, 39, 40, 62, 63, X63 (towards Byker and Killingworth): the bus stop for these eastbound services will remain unchanged, but the footpath width along the northern kerbline will be increased so as to provide a greater waiting area for customers.

All other bus stops on Pilgrim Street will continue unchanged.

These bus stop changes are being introduced in advance of imminent bus stop suspensions and temporary highways remodelling works in this area.  

Stagecoach would like to apologise for any inconvenience, delays or disruptions these temporary COVID mitigation measures may cause, and thank customers for their patience and understanding.

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