Bus Diverions & Roadworks

Date/Time From:

13th June 2021

Date/Time To:

13th June 2021

Operators Affected:

Stagecoach in Newcastle

Route(s) Affected:

10/11, X47, X78 and X87/X88


We have been informed by Newcastle City Council that the Central Motorway will be closed to all southbound traffic on Sunday 13 June 2021 between Cowhill Interchange and Swan House. This closure will be in place between 04:00 and 11:00.

Buses that normally operate via Central Motorway and/or Claremont Road will have to be diverted, as follows:

  • Services 10/11 trips from North Kenton towards the City Centre and West Denton Park/ West Denton Shops  will divert from Kenton Road non-stop via Blue House and Great North Road. Services will therefore be unable to observe the normal stops on Claremont Place or Claremont Road.
  • Services X47, X78 and X87/X88 towards the City Centre will have to divert from Cowhill Intersection non-stop via Barrack Road and Gallowgate.  Services X47, X78, X87/X88 will be unable to serve their normal stops on Claremont Place, Claremont Road, Barras Bridge or St. Thomas’ Street.

Due to the volume of traffic being diverted through the city centre, some localised delays may occur. 

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