The Tyne & Wear metro has a suitable ticket for you no matter who you are. Below is a list of tickets that are useable on the Tyne & Wear metro. If you have any problems choosing the right ticket get in touch with us here at TNE as were here to help.

PLEASE NOTE: Metro now have a penalty fares scheme, if you travel without a valid ticket for your journey you will be fined £20.

Download the Metro Zone Map to help work out the price you shold pay for your journey by clicking here.

Metro Tickets
Other Tickets Accepted On The Metro


Ticket Type
Brief Ticket Description
Single Single tickets offer a 1 way single journey option
Metrosavers Offers regular travellers discounts when travelling weekly, four weekly, monthly or annually
Day Saver Unlimited travel for one day for either children or adults on the Metro
Transfare Offering a ticket to transfer between bus and Tyne & Wear Metro or Shields Ferry
Corporate Saver Discounted corporate Metrosaver tickets for employers & employees
16-18 Metro Saver The 16-18 Metro Saver is specifically for people aged between 16 & 18
Student Metro Saver Unlimited travel for students either monthly, termly or annually
Metro Business Pass Metro ticket for businesses to use for staff to travel to/from meetings etc
Metro Class Travel Discounted travel for school classes
Metro Gold Card Discounted travel for concessionary pass holders
Magpie Move Allows you to travel to any home game for the whole season before and after home games


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