Tuesday 22nd September 2015
Durham Tees Valley Airport Bid For Belfast Route

Airport bosses at failing Durham Tees Valley airport are under-fire after owner Peel Group have warned Teesside councils to release it from its pensions liabilities or lose the airport. Peel Group wants to quit the Teesside Pension Fund.

Senior managers at Peel Group have advised Stockton Council that they are taking action "to bolster, where possible, the flight opportunities from the airport."

A report to Stockton Council's Cabinet said; "In this regard, DVTA has recently submitted a bid, through a Government fund, for support for a new flight between DVTA and Belfast."

The airport is seeking planning permission for a residential development on it's land, its thought that as part of the pensions agreed this would be agreed to along with a minimum operational period that Peel Group must continue to operate the airport, expected to be 10 years.

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