Monday 11th January 2016
Arriva Changing Routes 28/28A & 29/29A

Following feedback from passengers and reviews of current passenger trends, Arriva North East are making changes to services 28, 29 & 29A from Sunday 21st February.

Service 28/28A: Following feedback recieved regarding journey times from areas outside of Middlesbrough, such as Lingdale, Guisborough & Stokesley, Arriva are revising the route within Middlesbrough to operate more directly between Marton and the town centre. Buses will once again operate via Marton Road and Longlands, direct to James Cook Hospital and will no longer serve Saltersgill (See revised Service 29A). Journeys on this service will the continue directly to Marton Shops & Nunthorpe, Swans Corner as they do now, however Sercice 28 will operate via Mallowdale and Service 28A will operate via Eagle Park, replacing Service 29A in this area. From Swans Corner, Service 28 will operate to the same route as now to Guisborough & Lingdale. New Service 28A will turn onto the Nunthorpe bypass to Poole Hospital, before operating the same route as existing Service 29A to Stokesley from that point. The service will be every 30 minutes from Middlesbrough to Nunthorpe, extending hourly to either Lingdale or Stokesley. Evening and Sunday Service 28B will be revised to operate as Service 29A, running to a revised timetable, but to the same route. End to end journey times for passengers furthest afield should see significant improvement.

Service 29/29A: In addition to the changes to Service 28 above, some revisions are also applied to Service 29/29A from the same date, resulting in revised routes and timetable. Service 29 will continue to operate to the same route as it currently does, between Middlesbrough & Marton, Cypress Road. However, this service will be revised to a standard 30 minute headway, ensuring for a much simplier service provision for users in Cypress Road. To compliment this, revised Service 29A will no longer operate to Stokesley (see new Service 28A) and will instead operate every 30 minutes between Middlesbrough, Saltersgill, Easterside & Marton Manor. Buses will operate in a clockwise loop of James Cook Hospital, Marton Manor, Easterside back to James Cook Hospital.

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