Monday 11th January 2016
Jet2 Fine Sunderland Passenger £6800

An abusive Jet2 passenger has been fined £6800 by the airline for making a plane from Tenerife to Newcastle divert on New Years day.

The flight was forced to land in Shannon in Ireland after the 42-year-old woman from Sunderland reportedly became increasingly aggressive and abusive to cabin crew.

The woman was taken off the flight at Shannon and handed to local police and passengers have commented that the passenger was very drunk at the time of the incident.

The incident caused the flight to be delayed by approximately two hours and the passenger has not only been fined £6800 which the airline claims was costs they had due to the delay, but the woman has also been given a lifetime ban from travelling with the airline in future.

Last year, Jet2 handed lifetime bans to about 50 travellers who were abusive or disruptive towards staff and fellow passengers, and stopped nearly 500 people from travelling.

The airline, along with many others, operate a zero tolerance policy against unruly passengers who cause a plane to divert.

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