Saturday 19th November 2016
Changes To Buses In Hexham

Hexham's new bus station will come into use from Wednesday 30th November. Ahead of this, there will be changes to the times of some Go North East services will see improvements which will come into effect on Monday 28th November.

Tynedale Links 74, 680, 682, 683, 686, 687 & 688
To improve reliability, there will be minor changes to the times of buses, in most cases by just a minute or two. Service 74 will no longer serve Aldi in Hexham. Following customer requests, an extra journey from the Bus Station to Beaumont Park will be provided on service 682 on Saturdays. Afternoon journeys on Prudhoe town service 686 are retimed to run 5 minutes later.

Tynedale Xpress X84 & X85
X84 will be changed to use the A69 between Hexham and Corbridge. This will provide a new hourly service Mondays to Saturday daytimes calling at stops on Stagshaw Road, Hill Street and Watling Street in Corbridge, convenient for people in St Helen’s Lane, Corchester Lane and Priory Gardens. This will give links from this part of Corbridge to Hexham, Wylam and Newcastle. To avoid congestion caused by parked cars on the narrow Towne Gate in Heddon, the bus will only call at the Three Tuns in both directions.

An extra journey is being provided on service X85 on Mondays to Fridays leaving Eldon Square at 1730 arriving in Hexham at 1818 and continuing to Beaumont Park at 1828. To improve reliability, the 1815 journey from Eldon Square to Beaumont Park will run ten minutes later Mondays to Fridays and 5 minutes later on Saturdays

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