Saturday 19th November 2016
New Transpennine Trains Hit The Production Line

The production of the new trains heading onto the Transpennine route has begun, with the first of 66 body shells for the new train sets already picking up pace. Production of the new 5 carriage Mark 5A coaches is taking place in Spain.

Each train will contain 287 seats and will operate on the company’s North route which runs between Liverpool, Manchester, Huddersfield, Leeds, York and Scarborough as well as Newcastle. From 2019, the trains will also run to and from Middlesbrough.

Each high quality train will feature comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi, plug sockets at every pair of seats, real-time travel information and an on-board media server, allowing the streaming of the latest TV shows and films.

An electronic seat reservation system will also be installed, making it much easier for customers to identify whether a seat is free, partially reserved or occupied. 

Between 2018 and 2020, TPE will introduce three new train fleets, comprising of 13 five carriage Mark 5A coaches and 12 five carriage Class 397 ‘Civity’ electric trains, built by CAF and 19 five carriage Class 802 bi-mode trains which will be built in County Durham by Hitachi Rail Europe.

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