Saturday 13th February 2016
New Trains For New Northern Rail Franchise

Eversholt Rail, a rolling stock company who leases trains to rail operators, has teamed with Arriva Rail North LTD, the new franchise operator of Northern Rail from April 2016 to provide final relief for fed up passengers.

For many years, people of the North have felt neglected in terms of rail travel with old pacer trains, often called cattle trains dominating the area. Yorkshire did receive newer trains but these were still originally built in the early 90s. The North East has been let down with the pacer trains being built in the mid 80s, and many passengers have commented on how much they show their age and how uncomfortable the ride can be.

Northern Rail have refurbished interiors with new seat covers to try make it a little more comfortable as getting new trains isn't easy and there was a short fall in available train carriages.

Now there is finally good news for passengers on the whole of the Northern Rail network. Arriva Rail North, have teamed up with Eversholt Rail and CAF (Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles) of Spain to build 281 brand new carriages for the franchise.

The order includes 31 x 3-car and 12 x 4-car Electric Multiple Units (EMUs). Then 25 x 2-car and 30 x 3-car Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs).

The new carriages are expected to enter service across the network by December 2018 at a cost of £490 million, they are based on a low-floor model popular in Europe.

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