Sunday 13th March 2016
Changes At Arriva In Tyne & Wear

Arriva are making changes to some services in Northumberland and Tyne & Wear from Sunday 20th March 2016 to improve punctuality, better match capacity with demand and respond to customers’ requests. Some changes are also been made due to cuts by Northumberland County Council.

Service 33: Last September Arriva enhanced this service to run hourly throughout Monday to Saturday daytimes, improving links between Lancaster Park and Morpeth town centre. However, the extra journeys have been very poorly used, so this service will go back to operating between 0930 and 1530 only. Reducing the timetable in this way will also help to improve the punctuality of service X16, which is run by the same vehicles.

Service 35/35A: This service will continue to run up to every 15 minutes on Monday to Saturday daytimes, hourly in the evening and on Sundays. However, due to low usage, some early morning and late afternoon buses that currently serve Newbiggin and Woodhorn will only run as far as North Seaton. The journeys that start/finish in North Seaton will also run as 35A not 35, making it easier for you to find your bus.

Service 54: This service is not as reliable as you need it to be due to the major roadworks that are taking place around Gosforth, Longbenton and Killingworth. Arriva North East are therefore adding a vehicle to the fleet to give buses on this route (as well as the 52 and 53) more time to recover from delays. The service will continue to run half-hourly on Monday to Saturday daytimes, but there will be minor alterations to the timetable to further assist punctuality. Buses will also continue to run hourly in the evening and on Sundays, but some journeys will be curtailed or withdrawn due to very low usage.

Service 55: This service will continue to run up to every 15 minutes on Monday to Saturday daytimes, every 30 minutes on Sunday daytimes and hourly in the evening. However, there will be minor alterations to the timetable to improve punctuality and better co-ordinate departures with other services.

Service 57/57A: There will be no changes to the Monday to Saturday daytime service, with buses continuing to run up to every 30 minutes between Whitley Bay, Seaton Delaval, Cramlington, Bedlington and Ashington. Most evening buses (thatís after 1900 every day) run with financial support from Nexus and Northumberland County Council (NCC). However, NCC is withdrawing its funding due to savings it needs to make in its budget. Arriva have teamed up with Nexus to ensure that buses continue to run hourly between North Shields, Whitley Bay, Seaton Delaval and Cramlington until around 2100. After this time, they will only run between North Shields, Whitley Bay and Earsdon because there is not enough demand to cover the cost of operating any later buses to/from Cramlington. Most journeys will run around 15 minutes later than now. There will continue to be an hourly service on Sunday daytimes, but buses will run about 15 minutes later than now. Following customersí requests, there will also be earlier journeys at 0941 from Earsdon to North Shields (arriving at 1009) and at 0944 from Holywell to Cramlington (arriving at 1008).

Service X15 (MAX): Arriva have received a lot of requests to improve the Monday to Saturday morning service from Newcastle and Morpeth to Alnwick, as there are currently some two-hour gaps in the timetable. To fill these gaps, there will be new Monday to Friday journeys at 0638 from Morpeth to Newcastle (arriving at 0711) and at 0723 from Newcastle to Alnwick (arriving at 0844). On Saturdays, there will be an extra bus at 0810 from Morpeth to Alnwick (arriving at 0854). Perfect if you start work at 0900.

Service X16: Arriva are putting bigger buses on to this service, which will have more seats, more space for buggies/wheelchairs and more powerful engines that will help to keep to time on the A1. Arriva are also planning to upgrade these vehicles to MAX standard over the next few months, so you can enjoy comfortable e-leather seats and free Wi-Fi on all express buses between Newcastle and Morpeth.

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