Sunday 20th March 2016
Changes To Stagecoach In Teesside Routes

From Sunday 3rd April 2016, Stagecoach in Teesside are making changes to some services in Teesside to help improve reliability and due to Middlesbrough Council contract changes. The following is taken from the Stagecoach website...

Services 10, 10A, 11, 11A: Following the expiry of Middlesbrough Borough Council funding, Services 10A and 11A are substantially revised. Service 10A will be revised to run during Sunday daytimes only. Its route will be unchanged between Middlesbrough Bus Station and The Derby, with buses then continuing via Gainsborough Road, Stokesley Road,A174 and Newham Way to Coulby Newham Parkway Centre and Lingfield Park. Due to low customer numbers, the section of route via Dixons Bank and Eagle Park will no longer be served.
Service 11A will be withdrawn. Alternative evening and Sunday facilities to Trimdon Avenue will be provided by extra journeys on Service 14, but the section of route via The Oval, Stainton and Hemlington Hall Road will no longer be served during evenings or Sundays.
To help improve Service 10 reliability, the Monday to Friday trip at 0756 from Coulby Newham will be revised to run up to 10 minutes earlier, and the Monday to Friday trip at 1654 from Middlesbrough Bus Station will run up to 9 minutes later.

Service 12: To further improve reliability, a number of afternoon journeys are retimed. All Monday to Friday journeys after 1500, and all journeys on Saturdays and Sundays after 1800 will be revised to operate direct from Linthorpe Road to Borough Road. As a result, journeys during these periods will not stop at the Cleveland Centre. Service 12 will continue to run up to every 10 minutes during Monday to Saturday daytimes, every 20 minutes during Sunday daytimes, and every 30 minutes during evening periods.

Service 13:  The 1531 journey from Hemlington Shops will additionally operate on Schooldays.

Service 14:  Following the expiry of Middlesbrough Borough Council funding for evening and Sunday journeys on Service 11A, these trips are withdrawn. So as to provide a partial replacement to Trimdon Avenue during evening and Sunday periods, Stagecoach will be operating an hourly Service 14 timetable. These buses will operate via the normal route of West Lane rather than via Burlam Road and Ayresome Green Lane. As a consequence of the Service 11A withdrawal, The Oval, Stainton and Hemlington Hall Road will no longer be served during evening and Sundays. Monday to Saturday daytime journeys on Service 14 continue unchanged, with buses running up to every 20 minutes.

Services 36, 37, 38: To further improve reliability, the times of most Service 38 trips around Norton Glebe estate will be slightly revised, with journeys running a few minutes earlier or later. There are also some minor timing changes to late evening journeys on Services 36, 37 and 38. However, basic frequencies continue unchanged, with buses running up to every few minutes between Norton - Stockton - Middlesbrough.

Service 39:  So that we can continue to improve the reliability of your Service 39, we’re revising a number of journeys. In order to combat ever increasing traffic levels, some Monday to Friday early morning journeys will operate slightly earlier or later, and afternoon buses after approximately 1430 are also amended. Most late evening journeys after approximately 2000 will also depart from the bus station 1 minute later. The overall frequency of Service 39 continues unchanged, with Monday to Saturday daytime buses running up to every few minutes. Sunday daytime buses will also continue to run every 20 minutes, and evening trips every 30 minutes.

All other Stagecoach on Teesside services continue unchanged.

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