Sunday 20th March 2016
Security Breach At Newcastle Airport

Some passengers were allowed to pass through Newcastle airport unchecked off an international flight from Malaga, Spain.

Holidaymakers on the Malaga to Newcastle easyJet flight, which arrived earlier this month on a Monday, were shown through the wrong door when they got off the aircraft - which meant they bypassed passport control.

It's thought that upto 35 people were shown the wrong day, before anybody noticed and sent the remaining passengers through passport control.

An investigation has been launched into this incident.

The Home Office said checks have since been carried out on the passengers and they were all entitled to enter the UK.

A spokesperson told local newspaper, Chronicle Live: “The majority of passengers from the flight passed through passport control and their passports were checked by our officers as normal. We are seeking assurances from the airline that they have taken steps to prevent this happening again.”

An easyJet spokesperson confirmed the breach, and said: “We immediately informed the authorities in line with our procedures and immigration staff are currently contacting all passengers in order to process them. The safety and security of our passengers and crew is easyJet’s highest priority and we fully comply with all relevant procedures and regulations. Our ground handler immediately launched an investigation to understand what happened.”

This incident is down to the handling agent who handles easyJet at the airport but the airport has said they will work with the handling agent to ensure this does not happen again.

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