Sunday 1st May 2016
Security Alarms Set Off Due To M&S Bras

Passengers are being warned not to wear an M&S bra when passing through airport security after it causes security alerts at UK airports last month.

Bras from Marks & Spencer are setting off security alarms at airports Ė because of the metal underwiring. Embarrassed travellers are facing awkward searches after their lingerie triggers metal detectors as they walk through security points.

The national retailer is famous for it's bras, and sells around 23 million of them each year.

The wire that is used in M&S bras is different from those used in other retailers and M&S say they are investigating why this happened but told the Daily Mail: "There are 26 different components that go in to creating the nationís favourite bras including the metal underwire. Itís uplifting to hear that airport scanners are detecting this."

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