Sunday 15th May 2016
Changes To Stagecoach In Sunderland Services


A number of bus services in the Sunderland area will be revised from Sunday 5 June 2016.

These changes have been carefully planned to help further improve reliability for customers, as well as providing handy new links to some areas of the city.

To download your new timetable, please click on the relevant link below (links to Stagecoach site).

Service X1:  Following customer requests, an additional journey is introduced from Doxford International at 1612. All afternoon trips are revised to operate 2 minutes later.

Service 3:  Following customer requests, alternate buses are revised to run to Gilley Law, introducing local links from the estate to Durham Road. As a consequence, daytime buses will operate every 20 minutes to either Gilley Law or Farringdon Atlantis Road. Between them, buses combine to operate every 10 minutes between North Moor Lane/ Durham Road and Hylton Castle. Evening and Sunday buses will serve both Gilley Law and Farringdon. To improve coordination of routes, Sunday daytime buses will be retimed by up to 10 minutes.

Service 4:  The route of this service is revised, with buses running via Allendale Road in Farringdon, rather than via East Herrington. For alternative facilities to East Herrington, please see timetable for Service 5. To assist reliability, a number of early morning journeys are slightly retimed, and the route of these early morning trips will be amended in Town End Farm. These early morning buses from Town End Farm towards the City Centre will be revised to follow the main daytime pattern, with these trips looping anti-clockwise around Baxter Road and Bexhill Road. The early morning trips that run across to Hylton Castle will operate direct from Brunswick Road to Blackwood Road, and will no longer serve the Baxter Road loop.
To improve coordination with other routes, Sunday daytime buses are also revised by up to 10 minutes. Service 4 buses will continue to run up to every 10 minutes during Monday to Saturday daytimes, every 20 minutes during Sunday daytimes, and every 30 minutes during each evening.

Services 5 and 5A:  Following contract changes, Monday to Saturday daytime buses are revised and will no longer serve the Docks area. Alternative facilities to this area of the city will be provided by another bus company. All buses will run as Service 5, serving East Herrington, and will no longer run to Doxford Park. Evening and Sunday buses, operated on behalf of Nexus, will continue to serve the Docks area, running clockwise as Service 5. These evening and Sunday buses will also serve Farringdon and the East Herrington area, improving direct links to the Royal Hospital during these times

Service 8:  The last journeys from Fawcett Street and South Hylton are revised to run up to 7 minutes earlier. There are no other changes to this service.

Services 10 and 11:  Following customer requests, all Service 11 buses are rerouted to serve Lawrence Street, Hendon Road and White House Road, rather than Tatham Street. This change offers improved links to this part of Hendon, with Services 18 and 19 being rerouted away from this local area. Service 11 buses will run up to every 15 minutes during Monday to Saturday daytimes, and up to every 30 minutes during evenings and Sundays. All Service 10 journeys will continue to serve Tatham Street. Whilst there are some minor changes to timetables to help aid reliability, the overall frequencies of these services continue unchanged.

Services 12 and 13:  The route of Service 12 is revised, with these buses extended to additionally serve Town End Farm, Southwick and Doxford Park. Revised Service 12 will run via Tunstall Road, Essen Way, Silksworth Blind Lane, Vicarage Road, Silksworth Road, Doxford Park Shops and Hall Farm estate, and will therefore no longer serve Cumberland Road in Silksworth. The route of Service 13 continues unchanged. In the City Centre, Service 12 will observe the same bus stops as Service 13. As a result, southbound Service 12 trips towards Silksworth will depart from John Street and Holmeside, and will no longer stop at Fawcett Street Wilkinsons when heading towards Silksworth and Doxford Park.

The Monday to Saturday daytime timetables on these routes are revised, with Services 12 and 13 both running every 20 minutes. However, these services are also coordinated with each other to provide an approximate 10 minute timetable along common sections of route and to main destinations. Evening and Sunday buses will continue to run as Service 13, and on Sunday daytimes, will be revised by up to 10 minutes, assisting reliability and helping to improve coordination with other bus services.

Service 16:  To improve the coordination of the timetable with other services on similar stretches of route, Sunday daytime buses are revised by up to 10 minutes, and most evening buses will operate 2 minutes earlier. Overall frequencies remain unchanged, with Monday to Saturday daytime buses running up to every 10 minutes, Sunday daytime buses running up to every 20 minutes, and evening buses running every 30 minutes.

Services 18 and 19:  To more closely match the overall level of customer demand on these services with the costs of their operation, buses are revised and rerouted as follows:

From the City Centre buses will run via Toward Road, Ryhope Road, Grangetown, Asda, Eye Infirmary, Queen Alexandra Road, Barnes Park, Bede College, The Prospect, Springwell Sunningdale Road, Thorney Close, Grindon Gleneagles Road (east side), Mill Inn, Pennywell Shops, Hylton Road, Pallion Road (for Royal Hospital), Queen Alexandra Bridge, Southwick, Seaburn, Park Avenue, Roker Baths Road, Wheatsheaf/ Dundas Street, City Centre.

Service 18 journeys towards Grangetown will depart from outside Wilkinsons on Fawcett Street, and Service 19 trips towards Roker will depart from Fawcett Street, close to the Post Office. Please note, buses will operate as a “horseshoe”, and will not continue across the City Centre area.

Alternative facilities to Hendon Road are provided by revised Service 11, running up to every 15 minutes. In addition, the revised Service 12 will provide more frequent alternative links to Tunstall Road and Essen Way, and Service E1 will continue to provide regular links to Roker Avenue. Whilst South Bents Estate will no longer be served by Stagecoach buses, frequent Services E1, E2 and E6 continue to run along Whitburn Bents Road at the entrance to the estate, and we are working with Nexus to identify if any alternative facilities may be provided in the local area.

Due to increasing levels of traffic congestion, Services 18 and 19 will only serve Seaburn seafront (including the bus stops at Morrisons) during off-peak periods (approx 1000 - 1600).

The new routes will provide a number of new handy links in and around the city, as well as allowing the continuation of a 30 minute timetable to most areas. Because these new routes will require fewer vehicles to operate them, it should also help to improve the overall sustainability of these services.

Service 20:  To improve access to Pennywell estate, Service 20 is revised to operate a one-way loop, from St.Annes via Portsmouth Road, Pennywell Shops, Parkhurst Road, Presthope Road and Hylton Road. Customers may board or alight at any stop on this loop. Following customer requests, there’ll be even more trips running on Sunday daytimes, with buses running up to every 15 minutes. Buses will continue to run frequently during Monday to Saturday daytimes.

Service 23:  There are some minor changes to Sunday daytime buses around 1700 - 1800, which will help to further assist reliability. This change also provides a later last bus on Sunday daytimes from Seaburn, departing at 1728. Overall frequencies on Service 23 remain unchanged, with buses running up to every 10 minutes during Monday to Saturday daytimes, and every 30 minutes during evenings and Sundays.

Services E1, E2, E6  continue unchanged, with each route running up to every 20 minutes.

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