Sunday 22nd May 2016
Passengers Evacuated Off Newcastle Plane

Passengers onboard Eastern Airways flight T3 4031 landing in Newcastle had to be evacuated last week due to a technical issue onboard.

Those onboard the flight on 11th May were evacuated shortly after landing in Newcastle.

A breaking news alert was sent out by Air Live on Twitter, claiming: "Engine of Eastern Airways flight caught fire upon landing at Newcastle one hour ago.

"Passengers evacuated on the runway."

However Eastern Airways has said the news alert was incorrect, and that passenger disembarked due to an issue with the first officer's wind screen.

A spokesperson for Eastern Airways commented to the Mirror newspaper: “Shortly after flight T3 4031 landed in Newcastle and was taxiing onto the taxiway, the aircraft had a technical problem with a heating element in the first officer’s windscreen and as a precautionary measure, passengers disembarked the aircraft via the steps onto the taxiway.

"There were 11 passengers and three crew onboard the Jetstream 41 aircraft. Passengers boarded a bus to the terminal building.

"The airport fire service was in attendance but was later stood down.

"We have launched an investigation and engineers will be inspecting the aircraft.

"The safety of our passengers and crew is our primary concern."

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