Sunday 19th June 2016
Change To Newcastle Routes 1, 10/11 & 18

Changes to Stagecoach in Newcastle from Sunday 3rd July, click the service number to download new timetable.

Service 1: As with previous summers, buses will be revised to run every 10 minutes between Slatyford - Cruddas Park - City Centre - Heaton - Cochrane Park - Four Lane Ends, reflecting the lower number of customers who are using the route at this time of year.
During this summer period, Monday to Saturday daytime Service 1 will not serve Buddle Road. However, it will return to Buddle Road from Monday 5th September 2016, and Services 32/32A will continue to serve Buddle Road during the summer. Evening, Sunday and Bank Holiday Service 1 continues unchanged, with buses running every 15 minutes.

Services 10, 11: To accommodate increasing levels of traffic congestion, timetables are revised. Monday to Saturday morning journeys will tend to run up to 10 minutes earlier, and afternoon peak trips will run up to 10 minutes later. The Sunday daytime timetable is also revised, with an additional vehicle added to the service. Early morning Saturday and Sunday journeys are also revised. As well as better reflecting current traffic conditions, these changes will allow buses to regain their times much quicker when unforeseen problems occur on the road network.

Service 18: With the advent of the summer months, the duplicate 0723 journey from Walker Bus Station to South Gosforth is withdrawn until Monday 5 September 2016.

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