Sunday 19th June 2016
Ryanair Overhaul Baggage Fees

Ryanair has cut its fees for checked-in bags as part of its 'Always Getting Better' programme.

It has also simplified its bag fees structure, reducing the number of options from an alarming 108 to just 6.

From this month, customers on domestic flights under two hours will see fees for 15kg bags cut by half from £30 to £15 and 20kg bags reduced from £40 to £25.

Fees on all other flights under three hours will drop from £30 to £25 for 15kg bags and £40 to £35 for 20kg bags.

Checked bag fees will not change for flights over three hours, staying at £40 for 15kg bags and £50 for 20kg bags.

Passengers who add bags at the airport pay an extra £10 or €10 handling fee.

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