Sunday 21st August
Spend A Penny At Middlesbrough Bus Station

Passengers are spending more than a penny to use the toilet after Middlesbrough Council added a fee to us the facilities at the towns bus station last week.

From Monday 15th August passengers using Middlesbrough Bus Station will have to hold it in or pay 20p for the privilage of using the toilets that have always been free until now.

This follows the closure of the coach stop toilets upstairs which were closed previously.

Following a series of complaints about the state of the toilets, a review was undertaken aimed at making the toilets safer and improve facility for users.

We think the 20p charge isn't going to stop people making a mess but hopefully it will go to ensuring they are cleaned more often.

A poll on the Evening Gazette site states over 70% of passengers will refuse to pay, and when the shopping centre toilets are just a mere 5 minute walk away and remain free, we can see many of them using those instead.

But 20p to spend a penny, really isn't that much, toilets at Victoria Station in London are more expensive and remain dirty, untidy and not very pleasant.

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