Wednesday 31st August
Changes To Stagecoach Services In Newcastle


A number of bus services across the Newcastle area will be revised from Sunday 4 September 2016.

These changes have been carefully planned to help further improve reliability for customers, and to reflect prevailing traffic conditions.

To download your new timetable, please click on the relevant service number below.

Service 1:  Monday to Saturday daytime buses are revised to once again operate up to every 7 minutes between Four Lane Ends and South Benwell, with alternate buses continuing up to every 15 minutes to Buddle Road or Slatyford.

To aid reliability, there’s a number of timetable changes, with buses having a short wait on Pilgrim Street. This change will allow buses to regain their times much quicker when there are congestion problems on the highways network. Customers are thanked for their patience at periods when buses may need to wait.

Service 12:  To assist overall reliability, the first Monday to Friday journeys from Wallsend and Two Ball Lonnen are advanced by up to 10 minutes. On Schooldays, the 1450 and 1505 trips from Wallsend are advanced by up to 4 minutes as far as Stotts Road.

Services 15 and 15A:  To better reflect prevailing traffic conditions, some Monday to Friday peak time buses will be scheduled to operate up to 10 minutes later.

Service 18:  With the advent of the new school term, the duplicate 0723 journey from Walker Bus Station to South Gosforth is reintroduced. To aid overall reliability, and to mitigate the ongoing traffic delays which are being experienced at the Corner House junction, the Monday to Friday trips at 1438 and 1508 from Forest Hall are revised to depart at 1433 and 1503 and operate up to 5 minutes earlier as far as Byker. All other journeys on Service 18, including Saturday buses, continue unchanged.

Service 32:  To improve connections for customers, buses will no longer observe the southbound bus stop on Wingrove Road, close to the West Road. These buses will instead stop around the corner, on the West Road, at the Wingrove Avenue bus stop. The timetable continues unchanged.

Service 36:  To maintain co-ordination with Monday to Friday morning trips on Service 63 along Fenham Hall Drive, trips departing from Netherby Drive between 0740 and 0840 towards the City Centre are revised to operate around 3 minutes later.

Services 39 and 40:   An additional Monday to Friday morning duplicate trip will operate at 0804 from Union Road to Eastfield Avenue. Buses continue to run up to every five minutes during Monday to Saturday daytimes.

Services 62 and 63:  With the conclusion of the local authorities’ major highways works at Cowgate and Four Lane Ends, we’ve been monitoring the timekeeping of your journeys to see how they can be further improved. To reflect these traffic conditions, the times of these services will be amended. Although basic frequencies will largely remain unchanged, Monday to Saturday peak time buses will be revised. In some cases, journeys may be scheduled to wait at certain points along the line of route. Whilst we have endeavoured to keep this to a minimum, we thank customers when this may be necessary. These various timing changes will allow buses more opportunity to get back on time should they be delayed by traffic congestion, and therefore will help to deliver you a more reliable service.

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