Thursday 12th October 2017
Bid For First Class

Virgin Trains East Coast customers can now bid on last-minute upgrades for First Class tickets on East Coast services via innovative upgrade app Seatfrog.

In a first for the UK rail industry, Standard Class passengers can use a smartphone to bid for an upgrade to First Class upto 30 minutes before the trains departure, with bids from just £5.

The free app works by creating a live, dynamic bidding system for First Class seats that would otherwise travel empty. Upgrades can be won up to 30 minutes before departure, with each auction opening approximately 2.5 hours before a train departs from its originating station.

Customers who get the winning bid for a First Class ticket will be able to enjoy the full luxury experience of Virgin Trains East Coast's First Class experience, including complimentary food and drink (subject to availability), additional legroom, reclining smart leather, complimentary Wi-Fi and, in selected stations, First Class lounges whilst you wait for your train.

Last-minute upgrades will be available on selected Virgin Trains’ east coast services for business and leisure travellers from Monday to Friday for journeys between the following stations (and stations in between), with new routes to be added soon:   

How to bid for a First Class upgrade on Virgin Trains’ east coast services with Seatfrog in three simple steps:

  1. Enter your booking reference: Simply open the Seatfrog app and enter your Virgin Trains booking reference for upcoming trips.

  2. Upgrade now or bid to win: Seatfrog notifies customers as soon as a seat becomes available and auctions open around 2.5 hours before departure. Customers can then start their bidding to win an upgrade in the auction. If available, there is also an ‘Upgrade Now’ option.

  3. Upgrade in seconds: Seatfrog issues the new ticket to your phone there and then, so you can find your new seat, sit back and relax (you also need to present it with your original ticket so be sure to travel with both).

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