Sunday 15th October 2017
New Look For Northern Team

Northern Rail have launched their brand new staff uniform with a new modern look & feel.

The new style will be worn by all of Northern's customer-facing employees including conductors, drivers, and station teams.

The uniform launch is part of an ongoing modernisation programme at Northern that will see 281 new carriages enter Northern's service by 2020. With new Northern Connect brand for intercity commuter routes and a new modern fresh look & feel.

The new uniform includes a range of garments including a jacket, short sleeve or long-sleeved shirt, polo shirt, jumper, cardigan, skirt or trousers with the rollout which started on 19th September being completed by the end of November.

The new uniform has been designed in collaboration with staff having their say on its look & feel, its aim is to give colleagues a fresh look, and make them easily recognisable to customers so look out for them at your local station and onboard trains soon.

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