Friday 10th November 2017
Changes To Stagecoach In Sunderland Routes

Following customer feedback, Stagecoach in Sunderland are making a few changes to the below services from Sunday 19th November 2017.

Service 4: The Monday to Friday trips at 09:10, 10:10 and 11:10 from Downhill are revised to terminate in John Street at 09:32, 10:32 and 11:32, and will no longer operate between the City Centre and Doxford Park as it allows Stagecoach to introduce some additional buses for workers at Doxford International Business Park. All other trips on Service 4 continue to operate unchanged, with buses running up to every 10 minutes.

Service 16: Over recent times, Stagecoach have noticed this service isn’t quite running as reliably as it should be. To improve operations, they are making a minor change to the route in the Red House area, with buses running an anticlockwise loop via Ramillies Road, Ravenswood Road, Raeburn Road, Ravenna Road, Rhondda Road, Rothwell Road and Rotherfield Road. Customers can remain on the bus and board or alight at any stop on this new terminal loop. As a result of this route change, customers along Ramillies Road should board the bus on the opposite side of the road. As well as assisting reliability, this revision also improves choice for customers along Ravenswood Road and Rotherfield Road, with Service 16 sharing more common stops with Service 4 when heading towards the City Centre.

Service 23: To assist overall reliability, Monday to Friday morning peak buses from Thorney Close towards Dene Estate will run up to 4 minutes earlier. Frequencies remain unchanged, with buses continuing to run up to every 10 minutes during Monday to Saturday daytimes, and every 30 minutes during evenings and Sundays.

Service X1: Working in partnership with businesses at Doxford International, Stagecoach will be operating additional trips to/ from Sunderland City Centre, including extra daytime journeys. These extra buses are designed for workers who start around 10:00, 11:00 and 12:00, and there’ll also be some additional evening departures from Doxford International too, at 19:09, 19:39 and 20:09. Within the business park, Service X1 buses will observe the bus stops near Greggs, and also at the Technology Park (as well as the existing stop near Graylings Court), and will no longer stop on Monarch Avenue (near UKAR).

Service X24: Following requests to improve access to Doxford International, morning peak journeys towards Sunderland and afternoon peak journeys towards Newcastle are diverted to serve the business park. These special trips will run as Service X24A, opening up new express commuter links from Newcastle to Doxford International, with trips only taking around 30 minutes. These special X24A trips will not serve Chester Road west of Springwell Road, and there are a number of timetable changes. Customers are advised that morning trips heading towards Newcastle, and returning afternoon trips towards Sunderland will continue to operate direct along Chester Road. In addition, in the weeks leading up to Christmas 2017, a special half hourly Sunday daytime timetable will run on Service X24, from Fawcett Street between 10:07 and 16:37, and from Newcastle between 10:55 and 17:25.

New timetables can be obtained by clicking the bold service numbers above, these will open in a new window on the Stagecoach website.

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