Friday 10th November 2017
Grand Central's New Entertainment Channel

Grand Central Rail have launched their new entertainment channel onboard its trains, which run between Sunderland & London Kings Cross everyday.

Now you can catch up on the latest news and sport or while away your journey enjoying a great selection of audio and e-books. Itís all free of charge and wonít use your Wi-Fi data allowance.

Get Connected to Wi-Fi

Sign up and connect to Grand Central Wi-Fi network and entertainment portal; it’s free. Once signed up you can access news, audiobooks, eBooks and games. No data will be used whilst viewing content on the Grand Central portal. It will open when you connect to their Wifi network.

How to connect?

Select network “GrandCentral WiFi” Open your browser to connect. Leave the window open so you can stay connected, Grand Central recommend you open another window in order to browse. Should you close your browser, reconnect using - Wi-Fi can’t be used for streaming or downloading however you can still surf, email and use social media. Should you experience difficulty connecting to Wi-Fi please call the Grand Central helpline 0208 028 0371.

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