Saturday 1st April 2017
What's Your View On A New Fleet Of Metro Trains?

Passengers of the Metro in the Tyne & Wear have said they want London Underground style seating onboard the new fleet of Metro trains.

One of the key findings of a recent passenger survey, where results got released in a report last month, is that space inside the carriage is down to the current layout.

Linear seating designs are therefore seen to be most suitable  for commuters. However, designs involving a greater mix  of seating styles are favoured by those travelling outside  of peak times because they offer a variety of seating options.

The possibility of designing new Metro trains as a ‘single unit’ (made up of one inter-connected carriage) as opposed to two coupled carriages as they are currently was discussed in focus groups. While single unit designs might offer advantages such as providing additional space where carriages are currently joined, Metro passengers tend to favour two-carriage designs.

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