Sunday 21st May 2017
Arriva Changes In Darlington & Durham

Information regarding changes to Services 1/1B, X1, 5/5A, 7, 19, 48, 64, X66/X67, 86 and 870 in Darlington and County Durham from Sunday 21st May 2017.

From Sunday 21st May 2017, Arriva North East are making some changes to the following services, designed to create new journey options, open up new links and continue improvements to punctuality.

Service 1/1B: Darlington - Heighington - Shildon - Bishop Auckland - Crook/Tow Law
There will be some revisions to early morning journeys around Crook and Bishop Auckland, along with journeys retimed between Darlington and Bishop Auckland in both morning and afternoon peak times, to further improve punctuality. There will be no changes to route and evening and Sunday timetables on Service 1B will be largely unchanged.

Service 5/5A: Darlington - Newton Aycliffe - Shildon - Bishop Auckland
Revisions to peak time journeys, notably changes to departure times from Bishop Auckland to Darlington after 1800. Sunday evening timetables will be revised, with the last bus departing Darlington at 2045 and the two later journeys withdrawn due to low passenger usage. Monday to Saturday evening services are unchanged.

Service 7: Darlington - Newton Aycliffe - Ferryhill - Durham
Following problems with punctuality, Arriva are revising early morning and late evening journeys everyday, to ensure that our journeys operate as punctually as possible. This may result in some journeys on an evening running slightly later than they do now, to allow for additional time throughout. On College Days, the current 0858 arrival at Framwellgate Moor is curtailed and will terminate in Durham Bus Station instead. The three journeys earlier to this will continue to extend to Framwellgate Moor, via Framwellgate Peth as a faster route option.

Service 19: Darlington - West Park
Following changes to a linked service, there will be a very minor revision to one or two journeys on the timetable (by no more than 5 minutes), however majority of journeys will be unchanged.

Service 48: Durham - Bearpark - New Brancepeth
On Mondays to Fridays, the journeys at 0812 and 0837 from Durham to New Brancepeth and 0810, 0830 and 0855 from New Brancepeth to Durham will run up to five minutes later to improve punctuality.

Service 64: Arnison Centre - Newton Hall - Durham - Gilesgate - Sherburn Village - High Pittington
Most journeys will run a few minutes earlier or later than now. Following customers' requests, there will be earlier buses on Monday to Friday mornings from Sherburn Village, Dragonville, Gilesgate and Musgrave Gardens to Durham, arriving in the City Centre before 0700. Also, some early morning and late afternoon buses will start/finish in High Pittington, creating new links with Dragonville, Durham City Centre and the Arnison Centre at these times. A small number of Sunday evening journeys between the Arnison Centre and Durham will be withdrawn due to very low usage. The Saturday afternoon journeys at 1802 from Durham to New Brancepeth and 1820 from New Brancepeth to Durham will be withdrawn due to very low usage.

Service 66: Darlington - Whinbush
Reduced frequency

Service 86: Toft Hill - Witton Park - Bishop Auckland (extending to Willington, Spennymoor, Ferryhill, Sedgefield and Trimdon Village at Monday to Friday peak times)
This service will run to a revised timetable to improve punctuality and better meet the needs of staff and students at Bishop Auckland College. On Monday to Friday schooldays, one morning and one afternoon journey will extend to Willington, Spennymoor, Ferryhill, Sedgefield and Trimdon Village, replacing the 870 and creating several new links in the Bishop Auckland area. During school holidays, this bus will start/finish in Willington town centre.

Service X1: Darlington - Shildon - Bishop Auckland - Crook - Tow Law
A small revision to the times of morning and evening journeys to improve punctuality. There will be no changes to route or number of journeys operated.

Service X66/X67: Darlington - Stockton - Middlesbrough
Some revisions to peak time journeys to allow additional recovery time and/or running time where needed. A new, earlier journey will run between Darlington and Middlesbrough on Monday to Fridays.

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