Thursday 29th June 2017
3 Day Strike Announced By Northern Employees Next Month


Strike action is planned for Saturday, Sunday and Monday - 8 - 10 July.

We will do our best to keep you on the move. However, we will be operating a reduced service and expect all services to be busy. Customers are advised to give themselves more time to travel and to consider whether their journey is necessary.

Northern’s has responded to RMT announcing three days of strike action on Saturday 8th, Sunday 9th and Monday 10th July
Richard Allan, Northern's deputy managing director, said: “We are deeply disappointed and hugely frustrated that RMT is choosing to cause more pain for our colleagues and customers rather than get round the table to talk first. Only this week we wrote to RMT again, urging them to engage in meaningful modernisation talks with us. We have been clear that for all our conductors we are prepared to guarantee jobs and current pay, and continue with annual pay reviews, if we can reach agreement with RMT.

“The RMT’s dispute will be solved by talking, not by unnecessary strike action which impacts our customers, our employees, businesses and the economy of the North. Should the RMT strike action go ahead, we are committed to keeping our customers on the move as much as possible.”

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