Friday 14th July 2017
Sunderland International Airshow 2017

The annual Sunderland International Airshow is back and this year is operating from Friday 21st until Sunday 23rd July 2017.

The show is the biggest free airshow event in Europe and due to the size there will be some diversions to buses, and additional buses to ferry visitors to the event as follows...


Nearest Metro station to the heart the airshow: Seaburn, a 15-minute walk to the seafront. Or catch the shuttle buses.

When leaving #SunAirshow Seaburn, St Peter's and Stadium of Light are all within easy reach depending where you are on the site. Additional Metro trains will be running on both days.

Friday 21st July

Buses through Roker and Seaburn will not be able to serve most of Roker Avenue or Harbour View, Roker Terrace, Park Parade and Whitburn Road from around noon.   Route 18 will be unable to serve Sea Lane, Seaburn Terrace or Whitburn Road.  Services will instead operate direct to/from Sea Road and Park Avenue.  Route E1 will run from Roker Avenue (west end) via Fulwell Road link road, Roker Baths Road, Roker Park Road, Park Avenue, Chichester Road, Mere Knolls Road, Lowry Road, Whitburn Bents Road. Southbound buses will run from Whitburn Bents Road via Lowry Road, Princes Avenue, Sea Lane, Park Avenue, Roker Park Road, Roker Baths Road, Fulwell Road link road, then normal route.  Northbound route E2 will divert from Sea Road via Mere Knolls Road, Lowry Road and Whitburn Bents Road. Southbound E2 will run from Whitburn Bents Road via Lowry Road, Princes Avenue, Chichester Road.  Northbound route E6 will divert from Dykelands Road via Lowry Road and Whitburn Bents Road. Southbound E6 will run from Whitburn Bents Road via Lowry Road and Dykelands Road.  From noon route 558 will miss stops on Whitburn Road, running instead  via Lowry Road, Seafields and back to normal route on Dykelands Road.  From 1130 route 700 from Park Lane will operate to the top of Harbour View and turn back towards Sunderland at the roundabout, missing out Pier View and Marine Walk.

After the events have ended, customers for South Shields are advised to use the bus stops on Whitburn Bents Road, near to South Bents Estate for routes E1, E2, E6. Customers towards Sunderland City Centre are advised to catch routes E1 or E2 from Sea Lane (Recreation Ground), or route E6 from Dykelands Road (TA Centre).  A park and ride service will also operate from Stadium of Light to the seafront.

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd July 

Special route 510 will operate every few minutes from Sunderland City Centre (Fawcett Street), Wheatsheaf, Stadium of Light Metro, Seaburn Metro and Sunderland Airshow (Recreation Ground).  Route 700 from Park Lane will also operate to the top of Harbour View, near the marina.  Park and ride services are also operating from Stadium of Light, Fulwell Quarry and Downhill Sports Complex.

Go North East will be running special shuttle buses A1 and A2. The A1 will run from Sunderland City Centre to Seaburn Park with frequent buses over the weekend.  Buses leave from Park Lane Interchange and Fawcett Street in the City Centre and then run non-stop to Seaburn Park. Click here for A1 timetable. The A2 runs from Washington Galleries, Concord Bus Station, Sulgrave Village Centre and The Peel Centre to Seaburn Park with buses running every 20 minutes. Click here for A2 timetable.

A1 - £2 single/ £3.50 return/ U19's travel for £1 single

A2 - £4.20 single from Washington/  £1.45 single from Southwick/£5 return from Washington/ £2.70 single from Southwick/U19's travel for £1 single

From 1030 to 1830 routes E1 and E6 will operate between South Shields Market and Seaburn Camp (Whitburn Bents Road) ONLY. Route E2 will run via normal route from South Shields to Whitburn and then via Front Street, Sunderland Road, Shields Road and Newcastle Road.  Northbound buses will stop outside Fulwell Grange Hotel on Newcastle Road, and not the Charlton Road bus stop; these buses will not serve the southern section of Lizard Lane but will instead run via Kitchener Road and the A183 (Coast Road, Mill Lane and East Street).  Until 1030 and after 1830 routes E1, E2 and E6 will all run to Sunderland using the same diversion as Friday.

Routes 18 will operate via normal route to Station Road, then via Dene Lane, Dykelands Road, Princes Avenue, Sea Lane, Park Avenue, then normal route.  Buses will not serve Seaburn Hotel or Morrisons.  Route 23 will not serve Seaburn Seafront, diverting via Dykelands Road, Princes Avenue and Sea Lane to terminate on Chichester Road. Buses will return via Chichester Road, Mere Knolls Road, Dykelands Road, Dovedale Road, then via normal route. On Saturday 22nd July, Service 23 will terminate as normal in Dene Estate, and not serve the Airshow. Route 558 will operate through to Seaburn Morrisons along Bents Road/Whitburn Road and turn at Whitburn Road/Lowry Road roundabout.  Journeys towards Boldon/Heworth will start from Seaburn Camp.

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