Thursday 3rd August 2017
An Extra Inch From Ryanair

Ryanair has revealed its new cabin seating that will be installed on the airlines new Boeing 737 Max 200 aircraft.

The new seats are slimmer than the current Ryanair seats and although the aircraft will take extra passengers, 197 compared to 189 on todays Ryanair fleet, each seat offers an extra inch of legroom. Ryanair currently offer approx 30 inches and the new aircraft are expected to offer 31 inches.

But what about the much useful seat back pocket to put that stuff? Well its still non-existant but why?

The seat back pocket is something we take for granted, you don't notice its there, you just pop you iPad, magazine, bottle of water and snack into the pocket for take off, landing and when you need the loo but when its not there you soon notice how much of a need we have for it.

Ryanair has said the reason they won't be adding this to their new fleet is faster turn around times. They say that by having them it will slow down their already tight turnaround times, it gives crew extra parts to clean and security check prior to the aircraft turning around.

Additional promises for the new aircraft include bigger overhead bins allowing everyone to keep hold of their cabin-baggage, the aircraft are also promised to be quieter and cleaner.

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