Wednesday 16th August 2017
Changes To Go North East Services From 3rd September 2017

Go North East are making changes to their network and some routes/services/timetables will change from 3rd September 2017.

Service 4 (Connections): Sunday timetable revised to improve reliability and offer better journeys

Service 8 (Coast & Country): Weekday journeys which leave Stanley at 15:55 and 16:30will be retimed. The journey at 15:55 will run as service 8 instead of 8A.

Service 10/10A/10B (Tyne Valley Ten): Sunday evening timetable revised

Service 11/11X (Blue Arrow): The morning peak timetable is revised. Journeys on service 11X will become a standard service 11. Any passengers travelling towards Cobalt are advised to change in Newcastle City Centre onto service 309 or X39, which serves Haymarket Bus Station and Sandyford Road, near the Civic Centre. Weekday journey at 15:54 from Whitley Bay will be retimed to improve reliability.

Service 13: Additional journeys on service 13 on weekdays at 09:03 from Durham to Langley Park and weekdays at 15:09 from Langley Park to Durham.

Service 14: Weekday journey at 15:27 from Durham to Langley Park is retimed ten minutes earlier, following changes to Framwellgate School finish time. The Sunday timetable is slightly amended to improve reliability.

Service 20/20A/X20 (Prince Bishop): Timetable revised to improve reliability. Extra journeys in the morning peak into Durham and Sunderland. On Sunday daytimes, service 20 will no longer serve Doxford International, giving a faster journey between Durham and Sunderland. Any passengers wishing to travel to Doxford International on Sunday daytimes can use Black Cats service 39 or new Sunday Wear Xpress service X5. Evening journeys on service 20 will continue to serve Doxford International.

Service 21 (The Angel): There will be minor adjustments to the timetable to improve reliability.

Service 33 (Black Cats): Following passenger requests, journeys around the Docks will run clockwise and anti-clockwise. Once per hour, the service will run on the current route as service 33, and once per hour the service will run anti-clockwise as service 33A. Due to this, there will be some small changes to the times of service 33. There is no change to the route or frequency between Silksworth and Sunderland.

Service 34/34A (Lambton Worm): There will be an extra journey from Ouston and Pelton to Chester-le-Street on weekdays, departing Ouston at 08:10, arriving in Chester-le-Street at 08:31. Sunday journeys are retimed to run around five minutes later.

Service 35/35A (See It Do It): The Sunday service will have a revised timetable to improve reliability. On Sunday daytimes, passengers travelling to Easington Lane and South Hetton will now be able to use the improved Wear Xpress service X5, with a full service direct to Sunderland on Sunday daytimes, no longer needing to connect with service 35A at Houghton-le-Spring.

Service 49 (The 49): Minor amendments to timetable on evenings and Sundays to improve reliability.

Service 56 (The Fab 56): There will be an earlier journey on Sunday mornings in each direction: Departing from Sunderland at 06:33, arriving in Newcastle at 07:38 and Departing from Newcastle at 07:42, arriving in Sunderland at 08:46.

Service 61 (Black Cats): A small number of morning journeys will be revised to additionally serve Dalton Park to link with new X10, which provides links to Middlesbrough and Newcastle.

Service 64: The timetable of this service will be revised.

Service 78 (Coast & Country): Weekday journey at 17:25 from Sunderland is retimed to depart at 17:30.

Service 92: The times of these journeys will be revised, and most journeys will no longer be operated by Go North East. Some journeys now operated by Aline and Gateshead Central Taxis.

Service 93/94 (Loop): Weekday afternoon timetable will be improved, with more journeys.

Service 95: The timetable of this service will be revised, with more journeys in the afternoon.

Service 97/97A (Green Arrow): There will be some small changes to the times of journeys to improve reliability.

Service M6 (intu Metrocentre Mini): The weekday journey which commences at Crookgate towards Stanley at 06:30 will now commence from intu Metrocentre at 06:16.

Service N20 (Nightbus): Due to low passenger numbers, this service will be cancelled.

Service N21 (Nightbus): For students and people visiting the bars and restaurants of Newcastle and Durham, this service will be extended from Durham North Road to Durham University, stopping on South Road for access to colleges, and also serving New Elvet and Leazes Road Underpass providing convenient stops.

Service Q3 (Quaylink): There will be an extra journey from Great Park into Newcastle in the morning peak, to provide more seats.

Service X1 (Red Arrows): Weekdays there will be an additional evening journey from Newcastle to Washington, departing Eldon Square at 23:30. There will be some changes to the timetable on a Saturday – but no other changes on weekdays or Sundays.

Service X5 (Wear Xpress): A new hourly Sunday daytime service will be introduced on service X5, running the full route between Sunderland, Peterlee and Hartlepool. Additionally working in partnership with Sunderland College, there will be additional journeys at peak times on weekdays between Sunderland and Peterlee, numbered X5A, which will run via Easington Colliery and Horden instead of Littlethorpe and Essington Way.

Service X9/X10 (Tyne Tees Xpress): Click here for major changes to this route.

Service X21 (Castles Express): On Sunday daytimes, a full service X21 will now run between Bishop Auckland, Durham, Chester-le-Street and Newcastle, offering faster journey times to Newcastle. On weekdays, the journey which commences from Chester-le-Street at 06:40 towards Durham will now commence from Gateshead at 06:20.

Service X22: On Sundays, service X22 will be increased to run hourly, between Metrocentre and Chester-le-Street only. The service will no longer run to Durham on Sundays due to low passenger numbers – however any passengers wishing to travel from Durham to Metrocentre can use Angel 21 or Castles Express X21 from Durham to Chester-le-Street, and then service X22 from Chester-le-Street to Metrocentre. There are no changes to the service on Monday-Saturday – service X22 will continue to run to Durham on these days.

Service X39: Service X39 will no longer run to Gateshead – all journeys will now terminate at Newcastle Haymarket. Passengers for Gateshead are advised to alight at Haymarket and change onto one of a number of buses which run to Gateshead from Eldon Square Bus Station (which is adjacent to Haymarket).

Service X66 (Metrocentre): On weekdays, there will be more journeys between Gateshead and Metrocentre before 08:30, to provide extra comfort and opportunities to travel.

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