Monday 12th November 2018
LNER Introduce Seat Sensor On It's Trains

Everyone wants to find a seat when they go by train, especially on longer distance routes. But when a train is long, and looks busy at one end, it can sometimes feel a trek to find an empty seat at the other end. But now LNER have come up with a nifty new piece of technology to help you find a seat on your busy train, introducing Seat Sensor.

Seat Sensor, a world-first innovation, is now live on all LNER trains displaying reservations above the seats using a traffic light system. The sensor records the current and future status of a seat’s availability: green when a seat is unreserved for the whole journey; amber when a seat is reserved for part of the journey (you can check the screen above the seat to check which parts of the journey the seat is reserved for before taking a seat); and a red light when a seat is reserved for the whole journey. 

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