Tuesday 13th February 2018
20 Second Warning On Transpennine Express

From Monday 22nd January 2018, Transpennine Express changed the time the door re-closes after being open.

Previous the doors closed automatically, 60 seconds after they open, or the light beam was last broken (at the bottom of the door). They are changing this to 20 seconds. 

The reasons are that during rainfall on the class 185 fleet, it will reduce the chance of water entering the door controls allowing the fleet to better maintained, but the main reason is passenger comfort.

In Winter, by closing doors earlier it will mean that the cold air outside has less chance to get into the carriage helping to keep passengers warm and comfortable.The change will also allow the heating system to run more effectively. The reverse situation applies in summer meaning a cooler and more comfortable carriage.

The hustle alarms will still sound when the doors close, but please don't rush as your train won't leave until it's scheduled departure time. 

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