Friday 11th January 2019
New 4 Part Metro Documentary Wants People Like You

Fancy being part of a new documentary about the Metro?

Nexus has invited ITV to film a brand new 4 part documentary about life on the Tyne & Wear Metro and they want to hear your stories.

Maybe you found love on the Metro, maybe your making a special journey by Metro this Summer, maybe your dressing to impress with fancy dress to see a show this Summer or your heading out to the Great North Run for a worthy cause?

Set to be filmed later this year, the behind the scenes series will document the highs and low of the rail system - and the characters who use it, but its currently unknown when the show will make it to air.

Anyone wanting to get in touch with Wise Owl Films, who are making the four part series, should email with details of why they should appear in the show.

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