Thursday 7th February 2019
LNER Launches Free Wi-Fi For All

East Coast Mainline operator, LNER, have launched free Wi-Fi for all passengers in both standard and first class.

The service is available through a quick online sign-in process and will enable passengers to access the internet while onboard. Once your signed up, simply login using your email and password everytime you hop onboard an LNER service and your good to go surfing.

The decision to introduce free Wi-Fi services is primarily due to the importance of connectivity among people in the UK. LNER conducted research recently, where about 33% of the total respondents admitted that they wouldn’t be able to live without Wi-Fi, while around 29% said that free internet access can influence their travel decisions.

Additionally, 17% of people surveyed said that they would hang around a train station longer to stay connected, 18% stated they would opt for sitting separately from their family and friends for free internet; while 11% set up a temporary office at the station to complete their work due to free Wi-Fi at the station.

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