Saturday 30th March 2019
Our Menus Have Gone Mobile Friendly

We are very pleased to announce our menu's have gone mobile friendly and they have a little spruce up to make them fit with the site more.

We appreciate our menu's around the site were not working on some smart devices including mobile phones and tablets. This was due to them being made in an old system called flash which the latest smart devices refused to allow to work on their devices.

Our new menu's are now visabled on all devices and we think they look great, try them now to the left of your screen.

Additionally, we are aware the website no longer shows in the best way on mobile devices. Our server hosting company no longer offered the system we used to make our great mobile friendly website, as this is no longer available we need to amend the way the website is designed and how it interacts when visitors come to our site from a mobile phone. This is a bit of a longer process, so the main centre part of the page (where the content loads) won't look as fabulous for now.

You can now view all of the menus, pages & content on a mobile or tablet device in the same way you do on a laptop or desktop computer, we just recommend doing this landscape (longways), but the content box (the bit in the middle with the actual content) won't look as fabulous on a mobile device. The box will mean you will need to scroll down the page and only the white box will of expanded.

Its not ideal or look as great as we usually do but we wanted to ensure that mobile users could access the site as soon as possible.

We will be looking into this over the next few weeks so keep on

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