Sunday 7th July 2019
Nexus' Plan To Combat Metro Driver Shortage

Nexus who operates the Tyne & Wear Metro have promised to take on extra drivers to stop the cancellations caused by a shortage recently.

This week it was announced that 35 drivers have left in recent months to work for rival operators offering better pay but Nexus revealed that a deal has been negotiated with trade unions to provide a short-term solution, with bigger plans to more than triple the number of new drivers trained every year.

The plan has apparently already seen a bigger uptake of overtime and less sickness than was experienced at the start of the year, and include increasing the amount of new starters in training at the same time increasing from 24 per year to potentially 80 per year.

Want to become a Metro driver? For 37,985 a year you will be in charge of driving one of those iconic trains, that many grow up dreaming of driving. Click here to keep an eye on the Nexus careers page for the next opportunities to join the railway.

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