Thursday 22nd August 2019
Changes To Stagecoach In Newcastle

Stagecoach in Sunderland are making changes from Sunday 1st September 2019 to he routes below.

To view the new timetable, please click on the service number below.

Service 1: With the end of the summer holidays, Monday to Saturday daytime buses revert to running up to every 7 minutes between Coach Lane and Cruddas Park, extending to Slatyford or Buddle Road every 15 minutes, and across to Cobalt Business Park every 30 minutes.

Service 18:With the reopening of Killingworth Road, buses are revised to once again serve it. After running to Freeman Hospital, daytime buses will then continue via Killingworth Road, Salters Lane, BT Call Centre and Stoneleigh Avenue to Four Lane Ends Metro. During peak times, buses will then continue via Benton Lane to Quorum Business Park, creating new links to employment. During off peak daytimes, buses will serve Hailsham Avenue.

Service 22: Following completion of the major works at Silverlink, Monday to Friday afternoon trips from Cobalt are revised to follow normal route, and will no longer serve Middle Engine Lane. There are also some minor timing changes, particularly during Saturday mornings.

Service X63: With Killingworth Road reopening, buses will once again run via BT Call Centre and South Gosforth. In Newcastle City Centre, X63 will serve Barras Bridge, Percy Street, Blackett Street and New Bridge Street West. Buses will not serve John Dobson Street or Benton Road.

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