Tuesday 3rd September 2019
Great North Run Travel Advice

It's almost time for the famous annual Great North Run, which takes place this year on Sunday 8th September 2019. Please see below for travel advice to/from the event for both runners, volunteers & attendees.


This year sees the Tyne & Wear Metro running a train every 7-8 minutes from the brand new South Shields Interchange – head along Ocean Road and King Street as in previous years where staff will direct you to the new interchange. Please note you won’t be able to enter the Interchange from Fowler Street, to allow people arriving by Metro to exit easily, so please approach the station interchange along King Street as in previous years where you will be directed by plenty of staff.

Some stations will be closed temporarily or have reduced access to assist with the movement of passengers and improve crowd control.

Leaving the event at the end of the run will take time, in previous years queues have lasted around 90 minutes. Please allow plenty of time and take plenty of bottle water with you. Staff will be on hand to sell tickets if you need one and are there to ensure you remain safe. Remember to stay behind the yellow lines when waiting on the platform.

Download the Metro Great North Run travel guide by clicking here for further advice.


Before the start of the race, Go North East will run special route R1, which will run at least every ten minutes between 06:15 and 10:30 from Bents Park Road (next to the finish area) & Frenchman’s Bay in South Shields to Barras Bridge/Haymarket in Newcastle which is only a short walk to the start line on the Central Motorway. Bents Park Road is close to a number of the seafront car parks and within easy walking distance of the car parks in South Shields town centre.

If you are heading from Heworth & Gateshead Interchange Go North East special route R3 will be running every 10 minutes from Stand F at Heworth Interchange to Barras Bridge in Newcastle from 08:30 until 10:00; don't worry Go North East staff will be on hand to assist.

Stagecoach in South Shields will also be running special route 553 approximately every 10 minutes between Newcastle and Bents Park, South Shields via Newcastle train station and Tyne Dock.

Buses for runners and spectators from the finish area back towards Newcastle will operate the same as in previous years. The R1 (Go North East) and 552 (Stagecoach) buses will run frequently from Bents Park Road towards Newcastle.  The 553 (Stagecoach) leaves from the same place for South Shields Ferry Landing and town centre running a high frequency.

Download 19A timetable by clicking here.
Download 552 timetable by clicking here.
Download 553 timetable by clicking here.
Download R1 timetable by clicking here.
Download R3 timetable by clicking here.

Download Go North East diversions by clicking here
Download Stagecoach in Newcastle diversions by clicking here
Download Stagecoach in South Shields diversions by clicking here


The Shields Ferry will be very busy but will be operating a normal timetable.

For those taking the ferry at North Shields Ferry Landing you can catch Go North East shuttle service 19A every 10 minutes North Shields Rudyerd Street taking approximately 2 minutes.

For those arriving by ferry, Stagecoach in South Shields will be running special route 552 every 7/8 minutes from South Shields Ferry Landing to Bents Park taking approximately 8 minutes.


If your wanting to go to the event by train it is best to go to Newcastle Station, with services from across the region including Durham & Teesside you can use buses from outside Newcastle station on special route 553 (see above) approximately every 10 minutes. Alternatively if your coming from Teesside, hop off the train at Heworth and catch special route R3 (see above) approximately every 10 minutes from stand F in the adjoining interchange.

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