Tuesday 3rd September 2019
New eTickets Coming To LNER

LNER are set to improve ticketing even further this month with the launch of eTickets.

When you purchase an eTicket you no longer need to print it; you can if you want but you can also it on your phone or add it to the Apple wallet or Google Pay app on your phone. It also means you’ll never lose your tickets again, as you can just download to another device or reprint the ticket PDF. Plus if your in a hurry or running late, you don't have to worry about queues at the ticket office or ticket machine.

Once eTickets are introduced, LNER will be removing the option for mTickets or SelfPrint, on journeys where eTickets are available, to make your booking experience nice and simple.

If you want to checkout the current fares & book tickets why not click here.

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