Friday 11th January 2020
Changes To Some Go North East Routes

Go North East are making changes to some of their routes from 26th January 2020 to improve reliability and improve passenger journeys.

Coaster 1/1A: The 17:00 journey from Gateshead to Whitley Bay will now start at Newcastle Market Street at 17:08. The 19:25 1A journey from Metrocentre will now leave five minutes earlier, at 19:20. 

Connections 4: The afternoon timetable will be amended.

Service 5: Most journeys will now run two minutes earlier.

ToonLink 6: The timetable will be amended to improve reliability.

Tyne Valley Ten: The 08:03 10B journey from Blaydon to Prudhoe will no longer run.

Blaydon Racer 12/12A: The timetable will be amended to improve reliability.

Service 14: The morning and evening timetables will be amended to improve reliability.

Angel 21: Angel 21 service will continue to run up to every 7 minutes between Newcastle, Low Fell, Birtley and Chester-le-Street. Journeys will extend from Chester-le-Street to Durham every 30 minutes, with the frequency of X-lines X21 being increased at the same time to keep the same number of buses between Chester-le-Street and Durham, whilst offering more fast journeys between Newcastle, Gateshead, Chester-le-Street and Durham. The evening frequency will also be revised, with buses running every 20 minutes between Newcastle and Chester-le-Street throughout Monday to Saturday evenings. A new timetable will be in place for both services.

Crusader 26: The 09:08 journey from South Shields will now start at South Tyneside Hospital at 09:21.

Services 30 | 31 | 32: These are new services replacing parts of services M6, M7 and M8. Service 30 will replace part of the current service M6 between Lanchester, Quaking Houses and Stanley. Service 31 will replace the M7 around East Stanley. Service 32 will replace part of the current M8 between Fines Park and Stanley. Service 30 will depart from Stand J in Stanley Bus Station, with services 31 and 32 departing from stand B.

Service 34A: The 34A journey at 08:369 from Chester-le-Street to Waldridge Park will now commence from Waldridge Park at 08:51..

Service 35: Service 35 from Houghton-le-Spring to Sunderland at 07:55 will no longer run, due to low customer numbers. The 07:42 and 08:10 journeys will continue to run unchanged.

Service 49A The service will no longer serve Hanover Estate. Instead it will run between Winlaton Bus Station and Park Lane via Church Street and Scotland Head. Services 12 and 12A will continue to serve Hanover Estate, providing frequent links to Newcastle, Blaydon Bus Station and Winlaton Bus Station.

Services 50/50A: Most journeys will now run two minutes earlier. An additional journey will run from Washington Galleries to Durham at 07:40, to provide additional capacity.

CityLink 57: The service will now run between Newcastle and Wardley only. Hadrian Park will be served by the new 311 service (see below). Service 57 will run direct along High West Street in Gateshead, no longer serving the High Street or Jackson Street.

Service 95: The 08:31 weekday service from Lobley Hill to Gateshead will run five minutes later, at 08:36.

Service 97: The timetable for this service will be amended to improve reliability.

Service 197: This service will be withdrawn and replaced by a new M7 service (see below for full details).

Cobalt & Coast 309/310/311/X39: Go North East's Cobalt and Coast services will be revised. They will continue to provide a bus up to every 7 minutes along the Coast Road into Newcastle. A new timetable will be introduced for the 309 and 310, with each service now running every 20 minutes. A new 311 service will be introduced, also running every 20 minutes, running between Hadrian Park, High Farm, Coast Road and Newcastle. Service X39 will continue to run at peak times. The evening frequency on this service will also be improved, with each service running hourly, providing a bus every 20 minutes between Newcastle and Battle Hill. All buses feature next stop announcements, free customer WiFi and USB charging points.

Services M6/M7/M8: The timetable will be changed to help with reliability. The northern end of the route between Stanley and Metrocentre will continue to run every 20 minutes, as service M6, M7 and M8. Service M6 and M8 will run the same routes as now. Service M7 will run the same route as service M6, but run via Broadway, Whaggs Lane and Front Street in Whickham, to replace service 197. The parts of the route south of Stanley will be replaced by new services 30 (between Stanley and Lanchester), service 31 (East Stanley loop) and 32 (between Stanley and Fines Park).

X-lines X6/X7: To improve reliability, service X7 will no longer serve Dalton Park. It’s still easy to get to Dalton Park using services X6 and X9.

Service X9: Service X9 from Newcastle at 17:40 will run 10 minutes earlier, at 17:30.

X-lines X20: The timetable for this service will be amended to improve reliability.

X-lines X21: Big improvements to X-lines X21, with buses running every 15 minutes between Newcastle, Chester-le-Street and Durham. Buses will also serve all stops between Chester-le-Street and Durham.

From Durham, buses will continue to run every 30 minutes to Bishop Auckland and Woodhouse Estate. Due to some issues with narrow roads and parked cars, the service will no longer be able to serve the roads around Woodhouse Estate, instead running direct along Proudfoot Drive towards Tindale Crescent, and Walker Drive towards Bishop Auckland.

From Tindale Crescent buses will continue to West Auckland, running direct along Maude Terrace and Station Road, terminating at The Eden Garage. This offers great new direct links to Newcastle for residents of this area, as well as access to Go North East’s great range of excellent value tickets.

Buses will also run later in the evening, with an hourly express service from Newcastle up until 11.15pm. All journeys will run the normal daytime route via Neville’s Cross. Following customer requests, the X21 will now serve all stops in Framwellgate Moor.

Service X85: The 5.30pm X85 journey from Newcastle will now run at 5.40pm.

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