Friday 4th December 2020
easyJet Announce Stricter Cabin Baggage Rules


Low cost airline easyJet, has announced it is reducing the cabin baggage allowance to match other stricter airlines like WizzAir.

In a very disappointing move, the once favourite low-cost airline of the UK has announced that it will reduce the size of cabin baggage from 10th February 2021.

From this date, customers who don't buy the more expensive tickets will be restricted to putting a small carry-on bag under their seat which mean's the normal wheelie cases that once were allowed will need to be paid for if you wish to take them on-board with you.

Currently, all customers are allowed to fly with a cabin bag measuring up to 56 x 45 x 25cm, enabling them to put small wheelie suitcases into overhead lockers. If you have a ticket booked before 10th February 2021, you can still follow these rules and take a cabin bag of this size on-board for free.

If you booked before this week, under the old cabin baggage rules, then the airline have confirmed you can still kind of follow the old rules. You should of had an email to explain the new rules and by showing this email to check-in staff, you will be allowed to bring a bag of the above size, but you still won't be able to take it on-board and they will check it in for free at the priority baggage drop desk at check-in.

But anyone due to travel on or after the 10th February 2021, and make a booking from this week, will fall under the new rules. Passengers who want to travel with an additional bag of this size as hand luggage must buy a more expensive ticket such as an Up Front or Extra Legroom seat. Prices range from 7.99 more expensive than a standard fare, up to 29.99 on longer flights.

People who also buy a more expensive Flexi fare or are members of the carrier's frequent flyer scheme will also continue to be allowed to take one small and one large item of hand luggage with them, subject to space on board.

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