Thursday 13th February 2020
North East Bus Usage Shows Great Growth

NEBus, the organisation which represents bus operators in the region, has announced figures which show that in Tyne and Wear ridership has increased by 2.4%, against at backdrop of an overall decline nationally. Tyne and Wear is also the highest area of growth of any North of England area and fourth in the UK, only beaten nationally by the West Midlands, Bath and North Somerset and Bristol, where successful bus partnership areas have been formed.

Independent research for the National Fares survey has shown that the North East continues to have some of the lowest average fares in the country and that fare rises since 2017 have also been some of the lowest in the country. So despite most operators increasing fares over the last few years, the North East remains one of the cheapest places to travel by bus.

NEBus also pointed out that whilst buses in London benefit from high levels of public subsidy and supporting policies such as major networks of bus priority lanes, high car parking costs and the congestion charge, the majority of bus services in the North East are provided commercially without subsidies.

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