Wednesday 29th April 2020
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We may not of reported much "news" over the last month but we have been focused on providing you with the most up to date travel advice during the Covid19 crisis.

We have been updating our incident page 24/7 with the latest information on how you can stay safe and travel where your journeys are essential.

During the constantly changing services of our valued public transport operators we have kept you in the know through our websites incident page (click here) and Twitter page (@travelnortheast click here) whilst of course we stayed at home and kept safe.

As things start to settle into a strange new normal we are taking the time to finally get our website up to scratch again, give it some TLC and a much needed update to make it more mobile friendly, it was always our plan for 2020 so now we need to get it done.

As a valuable resource for unbiased transport information, which is the only one of such size catered to the entire North East region, we want to say how important we know it is to be able to use our site on all devices and gather information quickly whilst you're out and about. Our website was mobile friendly and looked pretty swanky if we do say ourselves; using software from our website hosting platform but they discontinued the service a while ago now and sadly we didn't have a website that is "mobile optimised".

We updated it to ensure that the whole website is now viewable again on mobile devices and you can easilly navigate the website using the main menu, but we know it don't look right. Looks aren't everything; but we know when it comes to websites, especially on a mobile device looks do count for something. So we are looking into it, and will update you soon but in the meantime our website does work on mobiles and tablets as well as laptops and PCs so you can be kept in the know.

We also want to say that during these unsettling times that we hope all of our fellow region folk are safe and well

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