Sunday 31st May 2020
Go North East Service Changes From 1st June 2020

From Monday 1st June 2020, Go North East are making some changes to some services to better reflect the current travel patterns, some of these will be temporary but these are being called the "normal" service timetables for these routes from now on.

Coaster 1, 1A & 1B

Revised to operate every 20 minutes between Whitley Bay and Metrocentre; twice per hour as service 1A and once per hour as service 1B.

Service between Newcastle, Gateshead, Allerdene, Hertford and Wrekenton will be replaced by revised service 25.

Sunday revised to half hourly, once per hour as service 1A and once per hour as service 1B.

Daytime journeys extended to Metrocentre Asda to replace X66, offering new connections.

Evening frequency temporarily reduced.

Connections 4

Journeys will operate towards Houghton-le-Spring via Dairy Lane and A690, terminating at Hillside Way stop 31H03.

Journeys commence from Hillside Way 31H03 and operate to Newbottle Street, stopping at 31H04 and 31H06, then follow existing route.

Services X6 & X7

There will be some changes to the timetable of services X6 and X7.

All journeys operate in and out of Interchange, no longer serving Holmeside.

Additionally stops at all stops between Seaham Hall and Seaham Byron Place to replace 238.

The service will use larger single-deck buses to help with social distancing.

Service 9

Now operates between Sunderland and Lukes Lane only, every 30 minutes.

Section of route between Sunderland and Murton replaced by service 61, which will continue to operate every 20 minutes.

Journeys towards Hebburn additionally serve Jarrow Morrisons off peak to maintain local connections to shops.

Evening frequency reduced. 

Service 13

Reduced in frequency to run hourly, but service 14 (now numbered X20) will be increased to half hourly.

Service 14

This service will increase to half hourly and will now be part of the X20 service. This means the X20 will now operate Sunderland to Langley Park via Durham, offering new cross-city connections.

Prince Bishops 20

Sunday frequency revised to every 30 minutes

Minor changes to weekday timetable, with evening frequency being temporarily reduced.

X-lines X20

Extended from Durham to Langley Park via Arnison Centre to replace service 14 and offer new cross-city journeys.

Additional Sunday service introduced.

Angel 21

There will be some changes to the timetable.

Additionally serves Arnison Centre, so that travel opportunities are improved for when the world returns to normal.

Night Bus N21

Temporarily cancelled

X-lines X21

Evening journeys reduced and the frequency between Newcastle and Durham will be revised to every 30 minutes.

Service X22

Temporarily cancelled until demand returns.

Service 25

Between Wrekenton and Gateshead, this service will now operate via Harlow Green and Low Fell to replace service 1.

Now departs from Stand L in Gateshead towards Langley Park.

Services will be continuing to operate between Barley Mow, Portmeads and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead, as service 925 running approximately hourly between 08:00 and 18:00

Crusader 26 & 27

Service 27 now operates every 15 minutes between Newcastle and South Shields.

Service 26 now operates between Jarrow and South Shields only, every 30 minutes.

Evening frequency temporarily reduced to hourly.

Services will continue to operate between Hebburn and South Tyneside General Hospital, with service H2 running approximately hourly between 07.30 and 16:30

Services 33 & 33A

Revised to operate between Sunderland city centre and Silksworth only, every 20 minutes.

Service to the Docks replaced by 38/38A (see below).

Services 34 & 34A

Revised to operate every 20 minutes on Monday to Saturday daytimes.

All journeys operate anticlockwise around Waldridge and Garden Farm but numbered 34. 

Services 38 & 38A

Revised service 38 will operate between Docks, City Centre and Hollycarrside, replacing part of services 38 and 33.

Route commences from Leechmere Way Lynthorpe. From here continues along Leechmere Way to Hollycarrside, then following route of 38 to Tunstall Road.

Continues along Tunstall Road and onto Albion Place/Vine Place instead of Belvedere Road. From Vine Place follows route of 33/33A around Docks and back to Holmeside, then serves Interchange.

Operates from Stand E in Sunderland Interchange, then running as current service 38 to Hollycarrside.

Service at Bevan Avenue/Burdon Road replaced by service 39A.

Passengers from Tunstall Bank Estate are able to catch alternative services from Tunstall Bank.

Services will continue to operate on Tunstall Bank Estate in Sunderland, as service 938 running approximately hourly between 08:00 and 18:00.

Services 39 & 39A

Alternate journeys on service 39 renumbered 39A, and diverted via Burdon Lane/Bevan Avenue to partially replace service 38. Current small number of journeys on service 39A via Silksworth no longer operate.

Services 49, 49A & 49C

Revised so each service operates every 30 minutes during daytimes, combining to provide a 15 minute service on the common sections of the route.

Services 55, 55A & 55X

Service revised south of Peterlee, no longer serving Hartlepool due to low passenger numbers pre-coronavirus.

Once per hour the service will terminate at Peterlee.

Once per hour the service will continue to Wingate and Hutton Henry, to replace service 206, and maintain cross-Peterlee connections

All journeys will run via Durham Road instead of Silksworth.

Fab 56

Frequency reduced until demand returns.

Night Bus N56

Permanently withdrawn due to low passenger numbers pre-coronavirus.

Drifter 60

Frequency reduced until demand returns.

Service 61

Replaces southern section of 9, running between Sunderland city centre and Murton up to every 20 minutes.

On Monday to Saturday daytimes, operates a loop of Sunderland city centre via Burdon Road and Holmeside.

Service 64

Service withdrawn due to low passenger numbers pre-coronavirus.

intu Metrocentre X66

Now operates between Metrocentre and Gateshead only.

Service to Asda provided by revised service 1A and 1B. 

Service 71

Revised to run hourly and extended to Seaham to replace 238 between Houghton-le-Spring and Seaham.

Service X88

Withdrawn due to low passenger numbers pre-coronavirus.

Service 90

06:36, 07:36am and 16:35 journeys are cancelled. Whilst the 16:05 and 17:05 journeys are retimed.

Service 91

Revised in Newcastle city centre to commence from/terminate at Market Street East.

Loop 93 & 94

There will be changes to the timetable of services 93 and 94.

Evening frequency temporarily reduced.

Service 95

Service permanently withdrawn and is being replaced by increased service 1B. 

indiGo 201

Timetable revised

indiGo 206

Replaced by revised service 55, on an improved frequency.

indiGo 209 & 210

The timetable will now include Horden Railway Station in preparation for it opening.

Timetable will be revised to improve connections with trains.

Service 238

Section of route between Sunderland and North Seaham will no longer operate, but alternative services are available on most sections of route. Service X6/X7 will serve additional stops along Seaham Sea Front to replace service 238 in this area

The section of route between Castlereagh, Seaham, Seaton and Houghton-le-Spring will continue to operate hourly, as service 71.

Sunderland Connect 700, 701 & 702

Summer timetable introduced.

Service V11

Withdrawn due to extremely low pre-coronavirus passenger numbers.

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