Wednesday 1st July 2020
UK Travel Corridors To Replace 14 Day Quarantine

The UK is set to replace the current 14 day quarantine requirements for inbound travellers on Monday with new travel corridor agreements (sometimes wrongly referred to as an air bridge which is actually the term for the walkway from terminal to plane).

The new rules are planned to relax the current Foreign & Commonwealth Office advice which advises against all but essential travel to every country in the world.

The new travel corridor agreements will allow people to take Summer holidays and business trips this year without having to endure a 14 day quarantine when they get to their destination and also when they return to the UK (and going vice versa). They will initially be a small selection of countries (and their applicable islands) to start with and some of these are expected to be Spain, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, parts of Scandanavia and Turkey.

A government spokesman said the new rules would give people "the opportunity for a summer holiday abroad" while also boosting the UK economy - but stressed the relaxation depended on risks staying low.

A traffic light system will be introduced - with countries classified as green, amber and red depending on the prevalence of coronavirus. The UK is likely to discuss arrangements with countries over the coming days.

This regulation is not necessarilly in place in Scotland, where the UK Government have control over border restrictions but the Scottish parliment must make a decision on health reasons.

We will provide more news as we get it when the destinations are announced and exactly how this works.

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