Wednesday 17th March 2021
Tap & Go With Go North East

Go North East launched contactless payments on it's buses back in 2017, allowing customers to use their card to pay for their journey with the driver instead of cash but now its gone a step further, by introducing an improve Tap On Tap Off system on its Voltra and Quaylink routes.

Now on the operators new electric fleet on Voltra routs 53 and 54 as well as Quaylink service Q3, all customers need to do is "Tap On"when they get onboard and then "Tap Off" when they get off.

Customers can use contactless bank cards or their smartphone with Apple Pay or Google Pay. There is no need to get a ticket or tell the driver where they are going, although you can still say hello it won't cost extra, the clever technology just works out the best fare for the journeys made, be it a one-off trip, multiple journeys over a day or throughout the week. It's similar to how it works on the Tube in London, with tickets charged on the route you take and if you make more than one journey in one day or one week it will stop charging you when you reach a cap, a maximum you'll spend for this period.

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