Wednesday 17th March 2021
UV Light To Keep Metro Passengers Safe


A new device that uses ultraviolet light to sanitise escalator handrails has been installed by Nexus on the Tyne and Wear Metro as part of its range of covid-secure measures and keeping both passengers & colleagues safe.

The network has a total of 36 escalators and works have been completed to install the device on the entire network.

The UV light kills germs & virus' and is a safe and effective method of protecting high touch surfaces from coronavirus.

The electricity generated by the escalator will power the ultra violet light and this will then continuously sanitise the handrails. This means, whilst the escalator is switched on, it will keep the handrails clean & safe as it goes round each time.

Each device uses type ‘C’ UV light to kill germs on the surface of the handrail.

The technology has already been rolled out across the London Underground by Transport for London.

This is in addition to an already rigorous cleaning regime by Nexus to keep everyone safe whilst on the Metro and at stations, as well as at depots for their colleagues.

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