(TNE) is a website for travel in the North East of England. is the first of many sites still to come that are set to revolutionise how people access travel information, tickets and a vast amount of stuff that might help or might just be of interest to them.

TNE opened on Tuesday 18th November 2008, after 4 years of work behind the scenes, the TNE brand was born. The webmaster and founder of TNE spent nearly 3 years creating the site (going through so many changes and alterations) and including as much information as he can think of that will help you get in, out and around the North East of England.

The site includes all aspects of travel within the area, from bus and coach to train and plane, taxis and metro to ferry, plus so much more. TNE provide you with timetables, fares, company details, on-ward connections, facilities and services available, tickets and a lot more besides. Why not have a browse of the site's different areas using the easy to use navigation menu or speak to a live Customer Service representative using the Live Help Desk who can help you find what you want, the Live Help Desk is free and offers you a 1-2-1 chat with one of our Travel Representatives and Customer Service Assistants.

But we don't stop there we can also provide on-ward travel information too, outside our region. Perhaps your travelling by train to London but then what do you do when you get there? Maybe your flying to Paris and need to get to the eiffel tower or your hotel, hold a vast amount of information that we can supply you with should you need it just speak to a Travel Respresentative. have many plans for future development we want to make it easier for you to travel by public transport. So why not stick with us as we get ready to take a ride on a journey that we hope will make it easier for you to travel by public transport.